freedom wings
freedom wings
freedom wings
freedom wings

freedom wings

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Freedom wings

Sterlingsilver  necklace with a grouse wing

I am freedom wings

 Fly fly with me, fly away

 We go where we cannot be seen, where there is no need to whisper

 Now meet again, strong winds are uplifting

 A emotion so powerful that the yoik has to be yoiked

 Happiest now when thought, memories flow

 Form into new images of what has been

 I have not forgotten you

 You are here and following me into the future   

Numbered edition of necklace Freedom wings  no. 1/5

Each piece of jewellery from Erica Huuva is made by hand in Sápmi. The material is Sterling silver 925 and mostly recycled. Since each piece is made by hand, small variations of measurement may occur

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