That our jewelry is handmade for your order means that we simply need time to produce it. We work with silver embracing old, traditional methods, letting the material decide the pace. Working with silver is a complex process which takes all in all up to 4 weeks.




What type of silver does the jewelry contain?

Each piece of jewelry from Erica Huuva is made by hand in Sápmi. The material is nickel free Sterling silver 925 and mostly recycled. Just because nature and the environment are important to us.


How do I care for silver?

Store your jewelry in its box when you don’t use it, or store them in a sealed plastic bag (so oxygen can’t enter) Wipe your silver jewelry with a silver polishing cloth after each use to remove makeup, skin oil etc. To prevent your jewelry from unnecessary wear and tear, you should remove them when you bathe, do the dishes and similar. Avoid sleeping with the jewelry since they will be exposed to unnecessary wear and tear. No metal, neither silver nor gold, should be exposed to salt- or chlorinated water. Clean your jewelry often and they will keep their shine longer.

Sometimes the silver can darken, oxidizing. This happens because we exude minerals and salt that reacts with the silver. This can be remedied by using a silver dip that you can buy in specialized stores.


What should i consider when it comes to leather?

Never bathe with leather jewelry. Leather stretches and forms with use over the years and water quickens the process.


Is it possible to have my jewelry designed especially for me?

Yes! We love the individual projects! Do you have a specific idea or you would like to introduce some alternation to one of the already existing designs, please contact us via email: erica@ericahuuva.se and describe your idea. Please mind that for the special orders both the delivery time and price are being set individually.


What do i do if i regret my purchase?  

You have the right to return or exchange bought goods within 14 days of the purchase. It’s you yourself that decide if you want to change out the bought items or get your money back. In the case of termination of purchase you get your money back within 30 days of us receiving the return. 


What do i do if my order is damaged upon delivery?

If your delivery is damaged upon receiving it, where the package was visibly damaged in transit, you should immediately notify the delivery service or your local postal office. If they don’t take responsibility for the damages, contact our customer support.


Is there a physical store? 

Yes, our silver smith and physical shop can be found in Hedenäset and a showroom in Idivuoma.

You are welcome to visit our smith and shop in Hedenäset  (Mon-Thurs 9-16 )

Erica Huuva Samiskt Silver Design

Skolbacken 21

95795 Hedenäset ( The old school )


To the showroom in Idivuoma you are welcome to visit, but please make a call beforehand (070-3962279) to ensure that we are on site.


For how long have you been creating silver jewelry? 

The company Erica Huuva Samiskt Silver Design started 2006.


How do I purchase gift cards?  

You can find gift certificates in the webshop under shop gift card.

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a ericahuuvadesign gift card.

Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

If you want a larger amount, contact Customer Service; erica@ericahuuva.se


How do I use printed gift cards in the new webshop? 

At the launch of our new webshop, we have changed how we handle gift
cards and these are now delivered digitally. If you have a valid,
printed gift card that you want to use when making a purchase in our
webshop, please contact us by e-mail and we will help you to digitize you gift
card so it can be properly used here on our website.
Send us an e-mail to erica@ericahuuva.se and let us know following
- Promo code. (Stated on you gift card)
- Email address to which you want to receive the digital gift card
- The total value of the gift card


Everyone can wear jewelry from Erica Huuva Design. The jewelry is Sami design with inspiration from nature and life as seasonal nomads in the Arctic. 



Silver is a sacred metal for us Sami, who protects against evil spirits and bad luck.


How do i measure MY ring size?  

Rings are measured in the internal dimension; in diameter from edge to edge in millimeter. You can for example measure a ring you already have that fits. Put the ring on top of a ruler or measuring tape and measure.

If you don’t have a ring to measure, you can take a string or a piece of paper and wrap around your finger. Make a mark, stretch out and measure it with a ruler or measuring tape.


Customer outside EU
As a customer outside the EU, you always pay the VAT on the goods at customs in your own country. You shop VAT-free with us and see all prices without VAT. (That's why you buy your item without VAT from us)
But you always have to pay VAT on an item and you do it in the country you pick up your item in.

Post, Bank and Customs may charge administrative fees when you pay and/or pick up your item. We are not responsible for these fees.

Can i become a reseller?

Contact us at erica@ericahuuva.se and let us know how products from Erica Huuva Design fits into your range of products.

Can I customize a ring? Do you make wedding rings?

Yes absolutely. We also make special orders according to the customer's wishes. Contact us for more information. erica@ericahuuva.se