how to care for Erica Huuva Design products

We use nickel free 925 Sterling silver in all the jewelry.

Store your jewelry in its box when you don’t use it, or store them in a sealed plastic bag (so oxygen can’t enter), Wipe your silver jewelry with a polishing cloth for silver after each use to remove makeup, skin oils etc. To prevent your jewelry from unnecessary wear and tear, you should remove them when you bathe, do the dishes and similar. Avoid sleeping with the jewelry on since they will be exposed? To unnecessary wear and tear. No metal, neither silver nor gold, should be exposed to salt- or chlorinated water. Clean your jewelry often and they will keep their shine longer.

Sometimes the silver can darken, it’s called that the silver is oxidizing. This happens because we humans exude minerals and salt that reacts with the silver. This can be remedied by using silver dip that you can buy in specialized stores.

Never bathe with leather jewelry. Leather stretches and forms with use over the years and water quickens the process.

Returns and exchanges

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You have the right to return or exchange bought goods within 14 days of the purchase. It’s you yourself that decide if you want to change out the bought items or get your money back. In the case of termination of purchase for real reasons, you get your money back within 30 days of us receiving the return. 

If your delivery is damaged upon receiving it, where the package was visibly damaged in transit, you should immediately notify the delivery service or your local postal office. If they don’t take responsibility for the damages, contact our customer support.

General questions

Contact us at and let us know how products from Erica Huuva Design fits into your range of products.

Everyone can wear jewelry from Erica Huuva Design. The jewelry is inspired by Sámi design and traditions. We encourage you to read about the meaning behind your piece and tell it to others. By wearing a jewelry from Erica Huuva Design, you become a cultural carrier and create curiosity about the Sámi culture – and contribute to an open and connected world.

The Sámi culture has always been trading goods. Silver has traditionally been a form of payment or trading goods. The Sámi people was traditionally nomads and silver jewelry were the easiest way to carry your fortune with you. Silver is valuable, durable and lightweight. Over the years, silver has become one of the most distinct ways of expressing Sámi culture.

Rings are measured in the internal dimension; in diameter from edge to edge in millimeter. You can for example measure a ring you already have that fits. Put the ring on top of a ruler or measuring tape and measure.

If you don’t have a ring to measure, you can take a string or a piece of paper and wrap around your finger. Make a mark, stretch out and measure it with a ruler or measuring tape.